What is Syngrapha?

Syngrapha is the world’s first platform that enables investment in reliable Polish companies by way of purchasing promissory notes. It is a place where people who want to effectively multiply their funds meet directly with companies interested in raising capital. No intermediary means that your money earns at least several times more.

Why a promissory note?

By investing via the Syngrapha platform, you purchase a promissory note, i.e. a security in the form strictly defined by the law on promissory notes and bills of exchange in force in Poland since 1936 under which the issuer (company) is obligated to pay you the predetermined amount within a specified period.

Freedom of investment

With Syngrapha platform you decide on your own, as the owner of capital, the offer of which company meets your expectations by freely choosing the amount and the period of investment. Syngrapha understands that, as an investor, you need information to make a decision. Therefore, you get access to independent financial reports, descriptions of issuers (companies) and their authorities.

Strength and security of a promissory note

Thanks to the stability of the law on promissory notes and bills of exchange, your investment is securely protected. The issuer (company) has an absolute obligation to accede to the redemption of promissory notes and any attempt to violate this obligation, due to the possibility of taking advantage of the simplified prescriptive procedure, shall result in a rapid enforcement procedure. On the Syngrapha platform, the strength of the promissory note works in your favour.



By purchasing promissory notes on the Syngrapha platform you earn much more than by depositing funds in a bank. You are not required to wait for proceeds until the end of the investment, because they are paid on a quarterly basis. Learn more

Syngrapha offers you a possibility to invest freely. You specify how much money you want to spend and for what period. You make a choice among specific companies operating in various industries. With the opportunity to diversify your investments, you retain full control and security of your money.

One of the most important advantages of a promissory note is the liability towards you of the individuals who signed it, as the remitter (investor). In the event of possible inability to accede to redeem the promissory note by the issuer the law on promissory notes and bills of exchange works in your favour. It enables a rapid and efficient carrying out of proceedings. Learn more

Syngrapha allows the use of a promissory note as a credit facility. Thus, your investments have a solid basis thanks to the stability of the law on promissory notes and bills of exchange. By purchasing promissory notes you are covered by free support of GWB Law Firm that offers a professional assistance at every step. Learn more

by purchasing promissory notes on the Syngrapha platform, you not only multiply your own resources but also support Polish companies which, thanks to you, can grow even faster. In this way, you take care of your budget and of the Polish economy. Learn more


Creditreform Polska, one of the largest international information agencies, draws up a detailed financial report on each issuer (company). The issuers are subjected to analysis and receive specific ratings (evaluation) presented on a scale from A (excellent payment capability) to H (lack of payment capability). Syngrapha ensures that only companies within the range from A to D can be listed on the platform. Learn more

We work with the best

"GWB, a renowned law firm specializing in the law on promissory notes and bills of exchange, it offers investors a free comprehensive legal protection."

"One of the world's largest international information agencies takes care about the selection and verification of the companies on the platform."

"Undisputed leader in the European market dealing with safe money transfers, it has been in operation since 2001."